Welcome to Gradient Descent Services

We work collaboratively, in stages, to help you develop your business and find your place in the world. We recognize from experience, that both the business and technology landscape is changing fast. Our approach emphasizes helping you build the capacity to evolve with it.

Executive Advisory

We work with executives and boards to help separate data and AI needs from hype and figure out how to derive value from them.

Introductory consultation
Goals and needs assessment
Business and technology advisory
Executive education

AI Readiness Assessment

We conduct an in-depth AI readiness assessment and co-create a comprehensive AI implementation approach.

In-depth analysis
Multi-dimensional AI readiness report
AI transformation workshops
Tailored AI implementation roadmap

Assisted Execution

We collaborate with you to develop the organizational and technical capacity to be data-driven, implement AI products and deliver business value.

Collaboration to activate AI strategy
Organization design
Recruiting specialized roles
Progress review & iteration

Additional Services

AI for Boards

Our partners are certified in board work and have broad international technology experience and networks.

Permanent or co-opted board members
AI for boards workshops
Advisory & coaching
Additional focus on ethics and inclusion


We help you hire difficult executive and specialist roles with focus on technology, data, AI and modern management methods.

Technology & digital executives
ML, AI, data engineers & data scientists
In-depth technical interviews, if you don’t have relevant in-house skills yet
Second opinion

Speaking & Advocacy

Our goal is to help build a serious, ethical and inclusive AI ecosystem in Sweden.

Public speaking on AI-related topics (experience with TedX, up to 1K audience, always tailored)
Advocacy around sustainable AI ecosystem

Every situation is unique. Let's figure it out together.